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Community Connections

Apply for our (65+ up) Free, 4 Hour House Cleaning Service

Lux Cleaning Co. would like to honor the Older Adults within our community by volunteering a one time professional house cleaning service.


We will donate 4 hours of our professional services to you. 

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Why: The Founder of Lux Cleaning Co. previously had an 8 year career in the medical field. Where she developed a passion assisting the older generation.

Goal: To help our community by donating our time and services. To up-lift a part of our community that matters most. Listening, talking, laughing and cleaning.

We want to spread our good nature and help people within our community. 

How it works: 1. We will store your information submitted in the original request on our secure platform. 2. We will contact you to gather more details about your needs, home and how we can help you. 3. Once we gather the details, we will add you to our wait list. 4. We will work down the list each week. Communicating with you as your time slot becomes closer to schedule our volunteer services. 

Terms: 1. The homeowner doesn't smoke. 2. Lux Cleaning Co. will not  clean bio-hazard (bodily fluids). 3. Age 65 and up. 4. This service is intended to help, let's make this a positive experience. 

DISCLAIMER: Our business is insured as well as each staff member.  


In The Works

Lux Cleaning Co. is partnering with our current clients to donate gently worn clothing or lightly used household items.

Lux Cleaning Co. will deliver them a local community non-profit . TBA

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation
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