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Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services

We are your one stop shop for all the typical cleaning services needed in order to prepare for a new tenancy or cleaning up after a tenancy. We're proud to provide services to our community, serving Dublin, Hilliard, Plain City, Powell, Lewis Center and other surrounding communities.

Moving In 

Are you getting ready to move in or planning on moving into a new house or apartment? Whether you are renting a new house or you are buying a new house, you will likely want it to be clean before you arrive. If you are like most people, you want to be excited about the adventures that await you in your new house or apartment. The first memory of your new apartment or house shouldn’t be cleaning.

Moving Out

Are you getting ready to or planning to move out of your home or apartment? If you have been renting a home or apartment, you likely had to put down a security deposit. Sometimes, the security deposit can be twice the amount of one month’s rent. This can be fairly costly. If you don’t get it back because the home or apartment isn’t clean after moving out, that could be a financial setback. 

      Throughout Entire Property:

  • Wash inside of reachable window sills 

  • Clean interior windows

  • Dust and Vacuum blinds

  • Spot wash walls

  • Hand wash all reachable light fixtures and ceiling fans

  • Hand wash all woodwork including baseboards, doors, door frames, and banisters

  • Vacuum all carpets. May Shampoo carpeting if added as an added service

  • Mop all hard flooring accordingly 

  • Dust and hand wipe all built in shelves and cabinets

  • Remove cobwebs both high and low

  • Clean light switch plates and outlet covers

  • Clean all exterior doors and door glass

  • Vacuum out floor vents and wipe vents off​


  • Clean and sanitize counter top, sink, garbage disposal and faucet

  • Clean and sanitize stove (in/out/behind)

  • Clean and sanitize stove range

  • Clean and sanitize refrigerator (in/out/behind)

  • Clean and sanitize microwave (in/out/behind)

  • Hand wash cabinets (in/out)


  • Clean and sanitize mirrors, sink, faucet and the counter top

  • Clean and sanitize toilet

  • Clean and sanitize showers and bathtubs

  • Polish fixtures

  • Remove build up in bathtubs, shower enclosures, shower door tracks, toilets, and the sink

  • Clean towel racks​


  • Remove cobwebs both high and low

  • Broom sweep or blow out floors

  • Hand wipe garage door opener and storage areas

  • Clean windows and doors

      Basement (unfinished):​​

  • Remove cobwebs both high and low

  • Broom sweep floor

  • Hand wipe mechanicals and breaker box

   Note: We do not clean Crawl Spaces

Cleaning Service Details

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